Sunday, November 3, 2019

Tomato Progress June 17

Amazing growth in just two weeks .......

and here is Little Bing - ripe tomatoes in mid June here on the coast!!

and speaking of early - check out my Doe Hill Pepper ........

Back to Tomatoes June 2

A few pics of my tomatoes in early June ......

Here is Little Bing F1 - a pint sized plant with lots of fruit ..... this was purchased as a plant - notice the almost ripe tomato hiding under the botton leaf!!

an overview of my back container tomato garden ...... all have been mulched with grass clippings to prevent soil splash back on to foliage and hopefully slow down arrival of diseases

from left to right:  Fred's Tie Dye, 7c 28-1, Fred's Tie Dye, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Festival, 7c 28-1 and Apero F1 (on trellis); at far right is Adam F1 gherkin cucumber - yum!!

Peppers in smaller containers in front include Doe Hill, Cambuci, Zolotistyi and Yellow Capriglio

and a closeup of:  Fred's Tie Dye, 7c 28-1 and Fred's Tie Dye - the majority of tomato plants shown have open blossoms

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Introducing Garden 10/11 May 27

Here is my 10/11 garden - these are temporary installations - generally old gas station sites - that are awaiting approval for development

The raised planters make a lovely change from Plot 5 - these are much easier to work with little weeding required;  Oregon Giant snow peas thrived in this environment - planted March 24; another standout was the Breen lettuce - lovely bronze mini romaine - started from seed and transplanted April 17

Plot 5 May 27

Merida potatoes are putting on lots of growth - they've been hilled every few weeks .... planted on March 30

and below - self sowed lettuce is almost ready to harvest - also some Walla Walla onions purchased as small plants; I've planted the onions in bunches as demonstrated by Charles Dowding; to the left are Brokali and Nine Star Perennial Cauliflower;  the stakes mark my Dahlias which were planted on April 10

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May 18 Container Tomatoes and Peppers

Tomato List 2019

Thought I'd cut back on varieties this year - well sort of!!

The tomatoes I started from seed:
Apero F1 - my favourite cherry a few years back
Adelaide Festival (Dwarf Tomato Project introduced 2015) - favourite from last year
Fred's Tie Dye (Dwarf Tomato Project introduced 2015)
Brad's Atomic Grape - the colours on this one are amazing
7c 28-1 from Tomatoville seed trade - yet  to be revealed ......

and I just had to have one more, then another one .......... here is what I purchased as small plants:
Little Bing F1 - such a cute micro-dwarf I couldn't resist
Sweet Hearts F1 - because I wanted a grape tomato for my salads
Black Krim - one of the old classics and I love dark tomatoes

While I'm posting, thought I should include my sweet peppers for this year - started from seed:
Doe Hill
Yellow Capriglio

and, again another trip to the Garden Store:

Early May

Well, it appears I have no pictures for April!!  First year I have not photographed my tomato progress!!

Anyhoo, thought this was rather beautiful - Camus fields in Victoria, BC in early May