Monday, December 31, 2018

December 25 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night ........

December 10 Colour in the Garden

Van Dusen Botancial Garden ........ the Cypress Pond

November 19 Plot 5

A few last pics from Plot 5 in 2018 ...... self-seeded lettuce is still producing an edible crop ........ alyssum still providing food for the bees;  will see how the other greens fare over winter

November 19 Change of Pace

The crab sculpture at Vancouver’s MacMillan Space Centre is one of the most photographed works of art in British Columbia

Sunday, December 30, 2018

September 23 Plot 5 Revisited

Yummy fresh salad provided courtesy of Plot 5 - lettuce self-seeded - a nice crispy leaf that has yet to get bitter - along with cucumber, radish, Brokali and KARMA Pink tomatoes

September 23 Final Back 40 Update

well, that was bad timing - camera melt down for the last month!!  so new camera for final pics of what remains in the back 40 - heading into October and the final pick

containers are not empty for long - these are various fall/winter mesclun salad mixes

these eggplant will be for seed saving - didn't make much use of the harvest this year

August 23 Plants Looking Tired

Not sure what is virus related and what is nutrition related, but plants have definitely seen better days ...... every blossom on Girl, Girl's Weird Thing (far left plant) aborted and the leaves took on a dark bronze colour

also an interesting observation with the Zolotistyi sweet peppers ..... fruit presented in two variations - plant on left had fruit pointing upward, was earlier and more prolific; plant on right had downward facing fruit, more bell shaped, less production and BER noted - I saved seed only from plant on the left .....
one more harvest pic ....... snow peas (provided an amazing crop), Brokali (just kept going and going all season), beans, basil, two experimental mini cherries and two Heart's Delite Black