Sunday, November 11, 2018

July 1 Happy Canada Day!!

The harvest begins ...... Caraflex Cabbage (a favourite of mine), snap peas, Brokali and Prince of Orange potatoes

June 26 The Back Forty

an overview of "the back 40" as July fast approaches

also, purchased this cucumber as a starter plant - Adam F1 - amazing production of small tasty fruit - another highly recommended variety

June 19 Plot 5

a quick trip to Plot 5 - time to fill in the spaces - this time with:  Pixie Cabbage, Plato Lettuce, Lynx Green Beans, Salad Bush Cucumber, Wildfire Arugula and Ella Dill

Sweet Alyssum gets to stay - it self sows freely, provides both mulch and home to many beneficials

an overview of Plot 5 - the potatoes are taking over the garden (greenery in left half of photo)

a small harvest of snap peas and Atlantis "Brokali" from West Coast Seeds - an amazing plant and highly recommended!

June 17 Sweet Peppers in Containers and More

The weather is cooperating and the sweet peppers are loving their container homes .... so much so that Melrose already has a number of peppers - not bad for mid June here on the coast

Morden Midget eggplant is now transplanted and ready to go outdoors

also seeing tomatoes set on Saluteus (l) and Red Dawn (r)

and another overview of the container garden

June 3 Amazing Plant Growth

In just a few weeks the tomatoes have really taken off ......

from left to right ...
GGWT, Saluteus, Cherry Roma, Heart's Delite Black m/s, Adelaide Festival, Red Dawn, Worry F4, Heart's Delite Black o/s and KARMA Pink

and a look at the sweet peppers in front

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 19 - Closer Look at Potted Tomatoes

Here's a closer look (l-r) at my nine potted tomatoes (with peppers in front):

GGWT, Saluteus F4, Cherry Roma

Heart's Delite Black m/s, Adelaide Festival, Red Dawn

Worry F4, Heart's Delite Black o/s, KARMA Pink

May 9 Peppers Go Outside

The amazing weather continues .... time to harden off the peppers

and a quick look at the potted tomatoes