Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tomato Trials

Dwarf Rosella Giant

And just a few pics of a few varieties ..
Sylvan Gaume

Lots of Blossoms

And a few weeks later - mid-June is generally the highlight of my tomato growing - all plants appear extremely healthy, and fruit set has just begun ... thanks to the many days of sunshine and above normal temperatures for this time of year. Usually June is our 'doom and gloom' month - rain, rain and more rain - but it seems other parts of the continent are experiencing our weather this time round. This June has been like August - lets hope it stays that way for a bit longer.

40 Containers Filled

And a few more pics .... I grow all my tomatoes in pots - as it seems to advance ripening by a few weeks - most important here on the coast.

Ready for Transplant

My goodness - can't believe it's heading toward four months since my last post - so much for blogging - I suppose this is my quarterly report :-)

Anyhoo, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been exceptional to date - what was a horrid long winter turned into a record breaking spring - with sunshine and perfect tomato growing temperatures for at least the last five weeks.

Didn't go with all those previously mentioned, as a few new ones arrived, and I couldn't resist!! Thank you Carolyn :-)

Anyhoo, babies planted out mid-May, and here are a few pics of the process and what they look like today. I'm trying a new variety called Ben Gantz that was shared by a Tomatoville member, and I must say, they are keeping up with Kimberly - my expected early.