Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Plot 5 March 26

after a mild winter the weather has cooled down somewhat ........ started garden peas indoors per Linda Gilkeson recommendation .....Alderman and Little Marvel sown February 27th


and out to the garden - Narcissus 'Cheerfulness', garlic and blueberry welcome spring

Tomato Babies - March 26

My passion - tomatoes - after much pondering here is my tomato list for 2015

Paul Robeson (an old favourite - and 5 out of 8 seeds germinated from 2002 stock!!)
0-33 (for early tomatoes)
Sweet Scarlet Dwarf (new Dwarf Project introduction)
PPP x PP "B" (thought I would grow out a few f4 from this yummy cross)
Black Krim Cherry (comes highly recommended)
Sweet Summer Gold (new Dwarf Project introduction)
Maglia Rosa (loved this one last year)
Berkeley Tie Dye, Red (managed one seedling, beautiful to look at)
Dragon's Eye (love the name)

and a few peppers:  Ise, Petit Marseillais and LunchBox (to the far right)

check out Tania's site for more info on most of the above


Aster × frikartii ‘Mönch’

This aster was a beautiful bee magnet during the two years it grew in my plot - but too amazing ...... the plant went to a good home and now there is more space for summer veggies

Mid February Plot 5

very mild but wet winter here - garden prep begins

lacinato kale and garlic chives make nice salad addition and the garlic and spring bulbs are waking up

before and after