Sunday, April 24, 2016

March Comes to a Close

A few pics of garden and seedling progress .....

Here's Plot 5 - walking onions and garlic chives are looking good .....
and a few days later potato onions and one potato planted and seeds sown for kale, lettuce and radish; pea weevil have found and are feasting on the peas; also transplanted cauliflower and broccoli starts
I never have success with my strawberry planter, so this year decided on growing only one plant in top, with added side stones to prevent loss of soil - I also left room at the top for lots of water - this was recommended as a way to ensure the plant is sufficiently watered.

And here are my Scary F2 dwarf tomatoes - almost ready to transplant, although some sprouted much later - so hard call on culling for dwarfs only at this stage; notice the mix of potato leaf and regular leaf

Oh, can't forgot my peppers - growing quite the selection (for me) this year ...... Padron, Sweet Yellow "Lunch box" type, Stavros, Melrose, Ancho San Luis, Zolotistyi Bell, Sweet Red Lunch Box, New Mex Joe Parker!! whew quite the selection.  I'm really excited about the Zolotistyi Bell