Friday, April 25, 2008

Shtambovy Kartofelnolistny 164

Here's a pic of my favourite seedling - got this one from USDA - potato leaf plant - should be bush type

Some to Watch

Could be some interesting results with this cross. Notice the different leaf forms in the F2 plants. These are the Sungold x Mom's seedlings.
Mom's is a regular leaf plant with a high yield of 6-12 oz, yellow fruit with red marbling, outstanding flavor, and Sungold is an early indet. regular leaf cherry; a favourite of many with its golden fruit clusters.

Spring 2008 Seedlings

Well, here we are back at the start - start of the growing season that is. And another round of tomatoes to trial this year.

Majority of seedlings started mid-March, transplanted into 8 oz. cups mid-April.

Grub’s Mystery Green (PL)
Galina x Grub's Mystery Green F1 (PL)

Gold Dust
Aunt Gertie’s Gold (PL)
Sungold X Mom’s F2
Galina (PL)

Hunt Family Favorite
Shtambovy Kartofelnolistny 164 (PL)

Not Berkeley Tie Dye Heart
PP x PPP F2 94-64 (PL)
Black Prince X Cherokee Purple F2

New Yorker
Kits Find