Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 7 - Container Tomatoes

To date, this has been an ideal tomato growing season (apart from an early hail storm) ...... tomatoes in containers are looking healthy, (one PPP x PP "B" F4 was pulled due to disease issues).  Blossoms on all plants, but no fruit set to date.

Back Garden tomatoes,  left to right:  PPP x PP "B" F4, Paul Robeson, Black Krim Cherry, Dragon's Eye, Dragon's Eye, fronted by Sweet Peppers:  LunchBox, Petit Marseillais and Ise (plentiful fruit set)

two more PPP x PP "B" F4

and the Front Garden tomatoes, left to right:  Paul Robeson, Summer Sweet Gold, 0-33, Paul Robeson, Maglia Rosa and Sweet Scarlet Dwarf

May 25 - Plot 5

This spring weather has been truly amazing - well above average temperatures and only one day of rain this past month ........ 

first harvest, broccoli, lettuce and Renee's Easter Egg Radish

Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 14 - Plot 5

Back to the Garden ........

radish in foreground, blueberry, red onions (started from seed), garlic, volunteer potatoes and transplanted tomatoes - "Berkeley Tie Dye, Red" and "Black Prince" (my only purchased plant - none of mine germinated)

Petit Marseillais Pepper in front and "Sweet Summer Gold" Dwarf Tomato with bamboo stakes ..... also some mixed lettuce purchased as tiny seedlings

garden overview - newly transplanted cucumbers, broccoli getting ready to head and planted potatoes - French Fingerling and Sieglinde

Tomatoes - Time for Plant Out

May 2
hardened off and final transplant begins ...

May 3
more to transplant

Back Container Garden, some "Fast and Furious" West Coast Seeds lettuce in two end containers

Front Container Garden - flanked with overwintered Collards

Early Spring Tomato Update

March 29

PPP x PP "B" F4 tomatoes have been transplanted ...... also peppers "Lunch Box", Ise and Petit Marseillais

notice the similar leaf form ...... these tomatoes have potato leaf foliage

April 5
more tomato transplants

April 14
these are grown with natural light, cool at night in unheated sun room