Sunday, November 12, 2017

Scented Sweet Peas July 14

A mix from my seed stash - one of my favourite flowers

Plot 5 July 9

Lots happening over at Plot 5 now ..... garlic chives coming into bloom and brocolli in need of harvest

kale, peas, carrots and potato onions in this pic, along with  some recently sprouted  bush beans peeking through the greenery

beets (an amazing crop this year) and potatoes taking over this corner, and below a beautiful burgundy lettuce going to seed ......

The Harvest Begins Early July

A few goodies from the garden ....... here is my potato onion - always provide an early harvest, a wee bit pungent, but I've been growing them for years from saved bulbs ...... and I couldn't wait to try the pepper - unfortunately not a lot of flavour at this point ..... but what a beauty!!

Here Come the Tomatoes June 27

The container tomatoes are looking so healthy .......

lots of blossoms and a few wee tomatoes showing on the two  Scary 5808 plants

Also check out the lovely colour on Craig's Carolina Amethyst pepper - very early for here on the coast!!
another pic of these peppers, four days later

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Back to the Garden June 20

My garden has grown too much ..... mixed scented sweet peas are starting to climb, lettuce is beautiful but already starting to turn bitter; I really must do more with garlic chives, so healthy and reliable every year.

The tomatoes in the 2 gallon containers are a mystery variety.  I found a wee clump of processed/dried seeds hiding under one of my succulent dish gardens - no idea what I had saved, but of course had to grow them out - turns out they are micro-dwarfs - stay turned for colour update

June 18 Update

Tomatoes are looking healthy and are covered in blossoms

check out the pepper already on the Carolina Amethyst!!  the fruit start out cream coloured and progress to Amethyst

Change of Pace

Just had to show off my Tillandsia!!

Early June Update

Some of the first garden greens from Plot 5 ...... Brokali harvested June 3

the container tomatoes shown on June 6th seem to have doubled in size in about a weeks!!! cages have been added as the majority of these tomatoes are either dwarf or shorter varieties, so apart from the Indeterminate Apero F1, cages should provide sufficient support

Peppers May 27

Carolina Amethyst peppers ...... peppers love growing in containers - these are only 2 gallons!!
and an update on container tomatoes, with peppers and Little Prince eggplant in front

Plot 5 Exploding May 23

So much growth in less than a month ..... beets, radishes, Asian greens, potatoes .... and more

Container Tomatoes May 18

Time to get the tomatoes planted  out - they have been hardened off in semi-shade for about a week - now into their 5 gallon containers; I reuse the containers each year with the addition of compost and Gaia Green 4-4-4 ...... from left to right:  Apero F1, Purple Bumblebee, Scary F3 (5808), Heart's Delite Black, Dwarf Purple Heart, Worry F3 (5774), Scary F3 (5808)

Dwarf Tomato Update May 2

These dwarfs are looking happy after transplant, now F3 both Worry and Scary should provide some interesting results ..... note the potato leaf foliage

Plot 5 Garden Progress April 30

Finally time to start updating my garden year ......

here is Plot 5 at the end of April - the Marathon seeding session is beginning to show results ... potatoes have been planted, radishes are popping up and garlic chives have gone wild

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 16 Plot 5 Marathon Seeding Session

Received a suggested Spring planting plan from Renee's Seeds, and as I had most of the seed, decided to try it out .... similar seeds, with a slightly varied layout:


First - the garden - this year has been extremely cold and wet - but the mud is slowly drying out and our soil has arrived at the community garden .......... only remaining plants are my Patriot Blueberry, one very small over wintered kale and some garlic chives - the chives are tasty, but I seldom use them; the bees however go crazy over the blossoms - so they get to stay
and here are the seeds that were sown - oh almost forgot - also planted two Brokali plants that were purchased on trip to garden store

April 10 and 14 Time for Potting Up

Once again I've over planted - is is always hard to choose which will get potted up ....

March 21 and April 6 and They're Off

Here they are ........ a bit of a slow start, but with just natural light I like to keep them cool and on the dry side
and a few weeks later, looking good - these are two varieties from the Dwarf Project grow out - searching for cherries this round - Scary (3 in front) and Worry (2 in back), both F3 and both Potato Leaf

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tomato Grow List 2017

Well, fingers crossed that is the end of the snow!!!  Warmer weather with rain now in the forecast.

There is an old saying

"Make new friends, but keep the old; one is Silver the other is Gold"

Unfortunately it seems not many of my old friends have been invited to my 2017 Tomato Party ........ but so many exciting new varieties to check out ......  I am still continuing with the Dwarf Tomato Project in search of cherry tomatoes - both Worry and Scary F3 are my experimental focus this year.

Anyhoo, here is my list, planted March 8th and 9th:

Not Purple Strawberry
Purple Bumble Bee
Maglia Rosa
Heart's Delite Black
Dwarf Purple Heart
Dwarf Orange Cream
Worry 5774 F3
Scary 5808 F3
Apero F1
not Russian 117 pink
and two last minute additions:
Captain Lucky
Bloody Butcher

All for now.  I'll write a wee  bit more about each variety once I see germination.

Also have started indoors:  NC Amethyst bell pepper, Caraflex cabbage, Batavia broccoli, Paladio and Mr. Big peas.  Oh, and some onions way back in early February.

Bring on the Spring!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3 More Snow

sure enough!!  hopefully not for six more weeks - time to start deciding on my tomato grow list for 2017

February 2 Groundhog Day

Oops, looks like the groundhog saw his shadow ..........