Thursday, December 19, 2013

Plot 5 - After the Freeze - December 19

Well, here is a pic of what remains today in Plot 5 after our recent cold spell .........

and a close-up of the chard - melted down with the cold, but new growth is evident

Dinosaur kale, purple cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli still looking good

but the arugula and radicchio are done

time to harvest another purple cabbage

Container Salads - December 19

Sowed lettuce/mesclun mix some time in late September/early October - next year I'll seed as soon as the tomatoes come out - no harvest from this planning yet - but some did make it through our recent deep freeze ........... expecting snow this evening ............. should offer some protection to the hardier greens

Plot 5 - Early December

No pictures here ............. but we had very cold weather (for Vancouver) in early December

Stay tuned for post-freeze pics - what survived????

Plot 5 - November 5

Chard has filled the garden since spring .......... I couldn't use all that the planting provided - too bad I didn't discover this yummy recipe sooner ...... a must try especially with a chard/kale mix - just make sure to strip leaves from stalks - I prefer the lemon juice option

and here is my cauliflower - I find these a challenge to grow and should have picked it when I took the picture - the rains came and destroyed the beautiful head - next time I will cover the head with its leaves ....

I did manage to harvest my purple cabbage and radicchio in time and they provided a wonderful raw addition to green salads ....

Plot 5 - October 8

A few spare moments during this holiday season, so here goes - updates to year end 2013 ...........

first, we go back to early October - Plot 5 at the community garden -

an overview from the north east corner

and my dinosaur kale - have wanted to grow this for ages, the transplants are doing well

late seeded deer tongue lettuce looking good with alyssum and blueberry

can't forget my Wyn's Sensation dahlia - highly recommended

another pic of the firey foliage of Patriot blueberry along with the purple cabbage

and two rows of lettuce/mesclun mix along with cilantro and purple sprouting broccoli and radicchio transplants