Monday, September 9, 2013

August 26 All About Tomatoes

at home container tomatoes continue to provide

meanwhile back at Plot 5 I am being overwhelmed by tomatoes - as Medusa had collapsed and I was unable to restake due to weight of plant, I decided to harvest all her tomatoes - and to be honest these had very little flavour fresh off the vine - one plant provided 30 lbs of tomatoes - unheard of in any of the previous efforts!!

Roger's Sweet Light Yellow was also a disappointment flavour wise - but what a cropper and a nice looking tomato too!!

Well, not quite all about tomatoes - here is my first dahlia of the season just beginning to open - Wyn's Sensation

August 20 Plot 5 Update

huge yield of Yukon Gold potatoes (check out key ring for size comparison) from last potato plant - 7+ lbs.
also purchased kale and cauliflower starts for fall/winter garden

Have a look at these beauties - my potato onions
 also purchased red cabbage starts for fall/winter garden

And here's Dwarf Jade Beauty - a true beauty of a tomato - one of the new Dwarf releases - and a green when ripe - very yummy

flowers are blooming, kale is in - late summer at its finest

August 19 Container Tomatoes

Finally had time to clean up my at home tomatoes - they were extremely dry and hungry on my return from vacation .......... but still provided a nice harvest
The Sunsugar F1 and Durmitor cherries are great for snacking or tossing in salads ....... others shown are Sleeping Lady and Persimmon x unknown heart F2

August 16 Up and Down

A bit of a catch up ........ a month since my last post ........ so I'll just date each post as it happened

and here's the first - back from vacation and my plot 5 has a few surprises -the purple beans are reaching for the sky, but "Medusa" Persimmon x unknown heart tomato has collapsed due to weight of tomatoes - I had no ideas this plant would be so prolific!!

and the tomatoes are starting to provide, due to the amazing July weather we had this year
a nice slection, including Roger's Sweet Light Yellow - production was amazing, but unfortunately the flavour was just not there - perhaps over watered; Sunsugar F1 - a lovely cherry with a sweet burst of flavour and no splitting compared to Sungold; Durmitor - a larger red cherry with flavour; Sleeping Lady - a new Dwarf introduction - prolific, but again the flavour didn't call my name; various Cheerful F2 growouts - some with amazing flavour and some blah; and a few Persimmon x unknown heart F2 ........... more on those later