Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4 Tomatoes in Containers

Lots of blossoms and some fruit set.  All plants started to yellow from the bottom and these leaves were removed.  Containers have now been mulched with dried grass clippings and a few feedings with 10-15-10 seems to have helped

Maglia Rosa

Rancho Solito

July 1 - Happy Canada Day!!

Summer has really kicked in .....

truly amazing how much can fit in 6 x 12 foot plot - this section from far left:  leeks, bush beans, scallions, mesclun mix, kale, garlic chives, carrots and sorrel

check out the growth in my zucchini in just a week

Yum - ripe Patriot blueberries

 Eggplant "Gretel" now in bloom - this was a purchased seedling - label notes an early productive white

"Red Swan" bush bean babies

and more babies - this time on my Wherokowhai tomato

Plot 5 - June 23

And a week later ...........

my first sweetpea bloom "April in Paris" amazing scent - one bloom will scent an entire room!!

Red Swan bush beans now in flower

the harvest begins .......

last of the Amish Deer tongue lettuce and my first green onion - so sweet

a few test potatoes - French Fingerling, Yukon Gold and Red Chieftain

and again, an overview

Plot 5 - June 17

My garden's grown too much!!

potato onions, orach, violas and covered blueberry bush - berries just starting to show some colour

tomatoes look green and healthy - in front Wherokowhai, Dwarf Black Angus and Cheerful F3 - Fish Lake Oxheart and Margaret Curtain behind being taken over by potato foliage!!

bush beans, green onions, mesclun mix, kale and garlic chives

my "Bush Baby" zucchini in container in overflow plot

overview of Plot 5 - rosemary has put on amazing growth this year and the sweet peas are just starting their climb up the trellis

Tomatoes June 10

A quick look at some of my container grown tomatoes .......

and a closer look at two of interest -

Maglia Rosa - developed by breeder Fred Hempel

Rancho Solito - note the lovely potato leafs - this one has Stupice in its background - so hopefully I'll get ripe tomatoes before August!!