Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30 Plot 5 Harvest

The hot spell has started, and along with a friend, we managed to harvest and clear some of the overgrown plants in Plot 5 .......

Cilantro and Deer's Tongue Lettuce was cleared from the plot.  The cilantro had gone to flower, and I'd rather eat the leaves than use the seeds, and the cucumbers needed space to grow ......... with this heat the lettuce had already started its pyramid climb to bolt ........

Here's the garden after clearing the clutter - still needs work, but the dahlias can now get some sun
some pictures of the harvest ......... potatoes were amazing ........... six lovely spuds from one plant
the Tom thumb peas were also cleared from the garden and provided a wonderful harvest

June 30 Just Tomatoes

Been a bit since my last post ........... and thought it would be good to do another tomato update on this last day of June.

Although we've had some record rainfall and rather cool weather the tomatoes are generally looking good, although those in containers are looking somewhat stressed with bottom leaf issues and I think leafhopper damage .......

And have a look at the outlook for next 14 days - happy dance
Anyhoo, here are the pics

16 Oaks Garden
well, I've planted the dwarfs too close together!!  Shown in the pic:  Sleeping Lady, Cheerful, Dwarf Jade Beauty and Roger's Sweet Light Yellow 
SPEC Garden
somewhat better spacing here.  Shown in pics:  Cheerful, Sleeping Lady, Dwarf Jade Beauty and Kimberley - check out tomato set below - those are Kimberley, one of the earliest I've grown.  The taller plants are cherries:  Black Cherry, Durmitor and Sunsugar F1
Home Garden
These plants receive the least amount of sun.  The two Cheerful and Sleeping Lady are producing a lot of blossoms, and hopefully with this hot spell we'll get good tomato set.  The four plants shown below,  Persimmon x unknown heart (2), Sunsugar F1 and Durmitor are showing some disease/bug issues, but the tallest Persimmon x is showing really nice early fruit set

And a quick update, our place is getting painted, and the back tomatoes got covered in paint chips from the powerwash!! They have now been moved out front with the dwarfs.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12 Garden Update

Here are three pics of the garden today - picked more kale and chard - the chard (Bright Lights and Bientein) is peaking - yum, the kale, while still good, is starting to take on a less sweet flavour ........... california poppies self seeded

Here's something I didn't know - spinach comes in male and female versions ...... note (what I assume are) the male plants flowering, with the more robust female plants yet to flower ......
Samish is an F1 spinach, but I thought I might try saving seed and see what grows out, as it is my favourite spinach to date ..........

And a pic of some of the tomatoes ....... rather hard to see, but just amazing growth ...... look at this mega-bloom on Cheerful F2!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 4 Garden Back Under Control

Put in some good hours over last few days, cleared the clutter, harvested, tidied around plot, and transplanted summer crops ..........

Amish Deer Tongue lettuce pic above and two bush cucumbers, just transplanted, below

Thought this was a leek, but was starting to interfere with my pole beans, so out is came, beautiful red garlic

and two pics of the start of the summer garden

and my peppers - Gypsy and Melrose

June 4 Overgrown Garden

Oh dear, my garden has grown too much!!

Amazing just how fast the garden can get unruly with lots of rain and then a warming trend ...... spent a good number of hours tidying and clearing out the spring greens ......... always hard to decide when to move on to the summer garden, but my peppers, cucumbers and eggplant were desperate for space

Four big bags of mixed greens, chard and spinach harvested

June 3 Back to Tomatoes

Interesting to compare growth of tomatoes in my three different garden locations ...... right now the container grown plants appear the healthiest (but they did get the earliest start outdoors)

top pic from left to right:  Persimmon x unknown heart F2, SunSugar F1 and Durmitor
bottom pic from left to right:  Cheerful F2, Sleeping Lady and Cheerful F2

and I can now report the first set tomato of the season - no surprise - SunSugar F1 - notice the exerted stigma on the blossoms ........ these types are reported to cross more readily

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1 - Kale Salad

Walked by Plot 5 today and the kale was calling out to be picked .......... I've seen apple used with kale at a number of salad bars, so thought I'd give it a try

This was so good, just had to post

two big handfuls Russian Red kale, washed and torn into bite-size pieces
one small apple (Gala), peeled or not, sliced into thin pieces
squeeze of lemon over apple to prevent browning
dried mixed fruit (cranberries, blueberries, cherries)
extra virgin olive oil

add kale to salad bowl, top with apple pieces and a small handful of dried fruit.  Add olive oil to taste (you don't need a lot) and toss

yum (serves two)
eat and enjoy