Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30 Just Tomatoes

Been a bit since my last post ........... and thought it would be good to do another tomato update on this last day of June.

Although we've had some record rainfall and rather cool weather the tomatoes are generally looking good, although those in containers are looking somewhat stressed with bottom leaf issues and I think leafhopper damage .......

And have a look at the outlook for next 14 days - happy dance
Anyhoo, here are the pics

16 Oaks Garden
well, I've planted the dwarfs too close together!!  Shown in the pic:  Sleeping Lady, Cheerful, Dwarf Jade Beauty and Roger's Sweet Light Yellow 
SPEC Garden
somewhat better spacing here.  Shown in pics:  Cheerful, Sleeping Lady, Dwarf Jade Beauty and Kimberley - check out tomato set below - those are Kimberley, one of the earliest I've grown.  The taller plants are cherries:  Black Cherry, Durmitor and Sunsugar F1
Home Garden
These plants receive the least amount of sun.  The two Cheerful and Sleeping Lady are producing a lot of blossoms, and hopefully with this hot spell we'll get good tomato set.  The four plants shown below,  Persimmon x unknown heart (2), Sunsugar F1 and Durmitor are showing some disease/bug issues, but the tallest Persimmon x is showing really nice early fruit set

And a quick update, our place is getting painted, and the back tomatoes got covered in paint chips from the powerwash!! They have now been moved out front with the dwarfs.

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