Monday, September 9, 2013

August 16 Up and Down

A bit of a catch up ........ a month since my last post ........ so I'll just date each post as it happened

and here's the first - back from vacation and my plot 5 has a few surprises -the purple beans are reaching for the sky, but "Medusa" Persimmon x unknown heart tomato has collapsed due to weight of tomatoes - I had no ideas this plant would be so prolific!!

and the tomatoes are starting to provide, due to the amazing July weather we had this year
a nice slection, including Roger's Sweet Light Yellow - production was amazing, but unfortunately the flavour was just not there - perhaps over watered; Sunsugar F1 - a lovely cherry with a sweet burst of flavour and no splitting compared to Sungold; Durmitor - a larger red cherry with flavour; Sleeping Lady - a new Dwarf introduction - prolific, but again the flavour didn't call my name; various Cheerful F2 growouts - some with amazing flavour and some blah; and a few Persimmon x unknown heart F2 ........... more on those later

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