Tuesday, December 12, 2017

August 26 More Tomatoes

First, another pic of the container plants - lots of ripe tomatoes to harvest

First up we have Dwarf PL Scary F3 Plant 1
Taste notes:  "super juicy, super sweet, yum  8.5"

Followed by Heart's Delite Black; if I had to pick one this would be it as my favourite of 2017
Taste notes:  "delicious large beefstake, juicy, very productive, nice looking fruit - grow again"

Here is Dwarf PL Worry F3
Taste notes:  "good keeper, very slight BER, sweet meaty substantial flavour, also nice amount of juice; lovely to look at 8+ wonderful, deep red juice - nice amount of "meat" solid red colour ps:  grow again in 2018"

Dwarf PL Scary F3
Taste notes:  super juicy - sweet - best when almost overripe; not generally a smooth fruit, lots of catfacing; good yield; skins somewhat noticeable

Not Russian 117 PL pink (J's fav)
Taste note:  nice texture - slight acid on the lips - not overly sweet - good for BLTs

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