Sunday, June 8, 2008

Boy, with this winter weather, hard to believe we are well into June. Thank goodness for the few days of good tomtoes growing weather a while back, it seems to have jump started my tomatoes - all of which were transplanted into five gallon pots in mid-May.
Some pictures - Sylvan Guame (bottom pic) - these two I purchased at our local Van Dusen plant sale - like I really needed more tomatoes, but just couldn't resist, as they are supposed to be some of the best tasting out there - blooms already started on these two. Note the droopy plant appearance - commom with heart shaped varieties.
Also there is Grub's Mystery Green (top pic), a fairly new introduction, discovered by Grub - a tomato grower in Australia - some variations still - but I'm hoping this is the early large green with outstanding taste. Potato leaf greens are still fairly rare.
Time to start providing some support for these babies. I am rather surprised how advanced my plants are, what with this winter weather, but I do know growing in pots does advance my season by a few weeks.