Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tomatoes Transplanted

Tomato babies have now been transplanted into 12 oz Styrofoam cups; Nature Mix organic potting mix with Mycorrhizae was used.  I prefer styrofoam as it seems to allow the roots to breath.

Here is Cheerful F2 - The F1 was a medium sized, nearly round delicious pink.  Craig at Tomatoville notes this is a rare opportunity to see what sort of things come out of a pink/green cross, with both parents being flavorful.

And more varieties

Peppers "Melrose" are also progressing nicely

The weather has turned rather cold again after a summer-like weekend two weeks ago.  My plan is to move six of the tomatoes plants to Plot 5 around mid-May.  The peppers will go in once the weather has really warmed.  All plants are being grown with west facing window light only, at about 65 degrees.

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