Sunday, December 6, 2015

August 9 Lots of Ripe Tomatoes!

Early August and I have more ripe tomatoes that I can eat - yipee!!

First, a view of the back yard container tomatoes - somewhat thread bare, but they are supplying ripe tomatoes

then a closer look a the plant on the left - this is my PPP x PP 'B' F4 "E" - early with lovely rich flavour, one of the healthier plants, and likely the one I will move ahead with in my stabilization efforts ...... also lots of Black Krim Cherry (not yet stable, this was a pink, but lovely flavour) third plant from the left, and taking over its neighbour as well

a few more harvest pics - from 12 noon:  Paul Robeson, Dragon's Eye (round), Black Krim Cherry, Dragon's Eye (heart) and PPP x PP 'B' F4 "E"

and two pics from front container garden - Maglia Rosa - work horse of a tomato and lovely for munching and 0-33 still on the plant - early, but flavour is not my favourite

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